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Circus Stunt Rider Fails to Properly Superman That Ho

By 02.08.12

Before today, my only knowledge of the Shrine Circus is that they put out buy-one-get-one-free coupons at every local grocery store, charge you five dollars to park, reveal at the gate that each individual ticket is forty dollars and you can’t get a refund on parking.

Thankfully, this video of cyclist Josh Headford crashing 30 feet to the ground at The Dow Event Center during a jump on Sunday has given me a new talking point: how funny it is when a circus ringmaster has to say “this is serious, get help” but can’t stop talking in his ringmaster voice. Some-bod-ay SCREEEEEAM!

According to Bob’s Blitz, Hedford broke his shoulder blade, femur, wrist and elbow. His son is already in the process of becoming the new Robin.


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