The 2012 With Leather Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Receivers And Tight Ends

By: 08.30.12

The Bass Players

I don’t think I need to dive too far into tight ends other than…

Jimmy Graham – He’ll be the best TE option this season because Drew Brees loves throwing to him.

Rob Gronkowski – He’ll be awesome again, but I think a combination of triple teams and Bill Belichick sneaker will take some of his looks away in favor of…

Aaron Hernandez – Forget taking Graham or Gronk in Round 2 like so many people have been doing. Stack up on your other positions and take Hernandez in 4 or 5. (This strategy is probably already dead as people probably grab him in the third after the eventual TE run.)

Antonio Gates – Is he even healthy? Is he ever healthy anymore?

Vernon Davis, Jermichael Finley, Tony Gonzalez, Fred Davis, Jason Witten (if his spleen isn’t lacerated), Jacob Tamme, Brandon Pettigrew, and then everyone else. Oh, and I predict Jermaine Gresham has a breakout year because he was awesome in college and it’s a waste if he isn’t awesome in the NFL.

Thank you for humoring me. Best of luck in your fantasy seasons.

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