The With Leather Hot Twitter List Buzz Words Top 25: Playmates I’d Like To Watch Golf With

By: 09.26.12

16) Alana Campos

Do you think Bubba Watson’s pink driver is too girly? I think it’s kind of cool.

17) Zimra Guerts

Have you ever drank Zima and then yelled, “Hey everyone, Zimra is drinking Zima?”

18) Shelby Chesnes

I think the LPGA is sorely lacking a superstar that can attract the male audience. What are your thoughts?

19) Jessa Hinton

How much do you think Jon Daly can drink? I think it’s so much.

20) Laura Croft

Like the video game, right? Has anyone ever said that to you or just me?

21) Kassie Lyn Logsdon

Who is your favorite up-and-coming golfer? Mine is Harris English.

22) Jaime Edmondson

Does Evan Longoria wear fedoras a lot or was that just a phase?

23) Brande Roderick

I’d ask Brande about how she’s managed to age so well, because I’m impressed.

24) Claire Sinclair

Can you believe that Natalie Gulbis and Ben Roethlisberger dated?

25) Holly Madison

I almost left her off because she got pregnant with a club promoter. So I’d ask, “A club promoter? Seriously?”

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