The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 7/25/13: More Like Law & Odor, Amirite?

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joe park

Best: Eric Young and Joseph Park

See? THIS is how you introduce the mysterious reaction Joseph Park has when he sees blood. Not senile old Sting taking a giant dump on the very idea of kayfabe. Joseph Park is the best thing you’ve got, and guys, Eric Young is practically a scientist.



Worst: Velvet Sky

If you want to know what the opposite of a Joseph Park segment is, simply give Velvet Sky a microphone.

Worst: Mickie James vs. Gail Kim

On paper, this should be a great match. It really should be. Heel!Mickie is at the top of her game, and while she may not be the most technically sound wrestler, she’s got more than enough moxie to spare. Gail Kim can wrestle circles around most women on television, and has the Smarmy Heel variant down pat. But yet…this just doesn’t work. They’ve always been exceedingly awkward when pit against each other, and this is no exception.

Despite its flaws, I’ll give Mickie a best for counting along with ODB as Gail is on the outside. That’s a dick move and it’s great. I’ll best Gail for making up for the first dumb leverage pin attempt where she was mostly pulling herself away from Mickie, by following up a series of terrible submission attempts with a powerbomb into a leverage pin with her legs positioned onto the ropes. It makes much more physical sense and looks way, way better. Of course, this leads to a tussle with ODB, presumably so ODB can start wrestling, Tessmacher can take over ref duties, Gail Kim can get mad at her, lather, rinse, repeat.

I can’t wait until Final Resolution to see Gail Kim vs. Earl Hebner. Book it, Sabin.

Worst: Dixie Carter
The segment with Hogan was rotten, but at this point, do I really need to explain why Dixie is the worst? Do I really need to say why I question her concern for an injured wrestler? Do I really need to point out how clueless she is when it comes to issues of legality? Yeesh. Sorry, Ms. Carter. I am for real not giving you any sympathy.

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