The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 2/20/14: The Wolves of Ball Street

By: 02.21.14

Worst: More like MVPlease just stop

MVP insists that Magnus is ridiculous for constantly pointing out that he’s the champion, because the Wrestler’s Wrestler Who’s Here To Save Wrestling has never actually watched a wrestling show ever, I guess. His point is that everyone ELSE points to the champ, and then something about a paper champ, because he’s so proactive and in your face.

Can…can I admit that I am really loving Magnus? He did exactly what I said he should do, and it’s grand. He is a stone cold jerk, entirely full of himself, totally over the top, and you know, I’ll even accept the use of “be-yotch,” which you should know is a thing I never accept.

MVP responds in the most professional way possible: physically attacking Magnus. This summons EC3, a super cool power I kinda wish I had (especially right this second because I’ve been trying to open this bottle of kombucha and I can’t get the lid off and I really would like to drink it), but then devolves into Gunner, The Wolves, and MVP standing tall in the ring because bleeeeeeeeeh. Again, I’m supposed to be on MVP’s side?

Pft. Naw.

Worst: Goddamnit just put these on YouTube already

A very important component of the BlokeMans story is being told almost entirely in backstage segments that, if you don’t watch the show (which I’m informed weekly that most of you don’t), you will miss. If you just watch the YouTube clips, the strife between Ethan Carter and Magnus will be a bit of a mystery to you, and that’s a darn shame, because it simultaneously tears me up a little, but also kinda rules?

Magnus is still getting up in Ethan Carter III’s face, playing the smarmy superior, and dishing out orders like he’s his young boy. This time around, EC3 is justifiably upset over “literally being thrown to the wolves.”

Remember the first time they were all up on the ramp together, and while everything seemed hunky dory, the BlokeMans and Aunt D standing victorious, EC3 was quietly side-eyeing Magnus? And then that was built on week after week and now we have a full-blown internal feud?

All I’m saying is that Ethan Carter III is the best, and if you’re still not on board, I’m gonna keep telling you every single week until it’s no longer true spoiler alert it won’t be so get used to it, chumps.

Okay, I guess: Samoa Joe vs. The BroMans

Whoops, wrong again.

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