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Vintage Best And Worst: In Your House – International Incident

By 05.15.14

ahmed shirt

Fashion Break: Ahmed Johnson Hates Gay People. Wears This Shirt.

Remember how Ahmed tried to kill Goldust for gaying on him? This airbrushed shirt he got made for himself, Shawn Michaels and Sheamus (?) really nails the “I’m totally too manly for gay stuff” thing he was going for.

vader shawn

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Best: Let’s Live In This Moment Forever

So, according to one of those Jim Cornette shoot interviews, Shawn Michaels was having a house show match with Vader where he cursed the big man out for being too stiff and said he’d end his career. That basically took Vader’s spirit from his body and ruined any chance of their feud progressing. So instead we got another HBK/Sid title feud that was pretty unspectacular.

I’m pretty sure all of that happened after this match between Vader/Bulldog/Owen and HBK/Johnson/Sid (though I think someone already told Vader about being too stiff because he’s tossing out softies left and right), so I invite you all to pretend that a long Vader vs. HBK feud is still happening. Because it would have been the best thing to happen all year. This is the part where I mention that Vader vs. Sting from the early 90s was so great. Have I told you that before?

Anyway, the opening minutes with Michaels basically flying across the arena like Speedball while Vader catches him and tosses hims round some more are just magic. So let’s watch and live in this fantasy where we’re going to see like four more Vader/HBK matches and never watch anything else again. It’s better that way.

submission move?

Worst: Okay, Not This Moment

What the hell sort of submission hold is this? They’re basically in the same position I got in when I posed for keychain pictures with my high school girlfriend at the mall.

Best: An Actual IYH Main Event Finish

You remember great IYH main events, right? Well, about 97 percent of them end in DQ or no decisions. So it’s refreshing when we get to see an actual pin. Not only that, but it’s pretty clean. And Vader goes over. I want to be friends with this main event.

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