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Here Are The 9 Stages Of Watching Paul George’s Horrific Leg Injury

By 08.02.14
Team USA Showcase

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You’ve undoubtedly seen or heard about Paul George’s horrific leg injury during yesterday’s USA Basketball scrimmage. It was the worst thing ever. I know we like to exaggerate on the internet and throw out hyperbole but trust me, this is among the worst things ever televised. If you want to watch it, well, it’s out there. View at your own risk. Here are the 9 stages you will go through while watching it.

9. You don’t want to watch but you’re curious because everyone’s talking about it

soccer flop

Sky Sports

8. You’re not sure what you just saw

ice cube


7. Shock

little girl


6. Awe

oh my god


5. You get angry

thumbs down


4. Really angry



3. You back away from the TV



2. You pass out



1. You cry

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