An MLB Player Used Matthew McConaughey’s Chest-Thumping Chant As His Walk-Up Song

Senior Pop Culture Editor
07.25.14 7 Comments

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The best thing about being a professional baseball player isn’t the admiration of millions, or the money, or the groupies, or hanging out with Hank — it’s choosing your walk-up music. If I were, say, the starting shortstop for my New York Mets (which I probably could be), the song I’d pick to greet my walk to home plate would be something like “Hatebreeders” or all 17 minutes of “Sister Ray.”

I might have gone with Matthew McConaughey’s chest-thumping ditty from The Wolf of Wall Street, but unfortunately, St. Louis Cardinals catcher Tony Cruz already grabbed it.

Stay tuned for ESPN’s debate on whether Cruz going with this song means he’s snorting coke.

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