Beer Unicycling And Morning Links

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I’m not sure why I’m surprised that there’s a world record for this.


The Best Of Workaholics GIFs – I always wonder if the pitch for this show was “it’s just like ‘Stella’, except about drugs and their own wieners”. [UPROXX]

Romeo and Juliet: The Porno – Nothing is accomplished here that wasn’t accomplished slightly better by Troma 15 years ago. Porno needs its own narrative, dammit, stop being derivative. Shane’s World wasn’t good because it loosely adapted Much Ado About Nothing. [Film Drunk]

Saved By The Bell Stills + Kanye Lyrics = Kanye’d By The Bell – Somebody add “Been a long time since I spoke to you in a bathroom gripping you up f**kin and choking you” to a pic of the guy from Valley trying to full nelson Christy The Girl Wrestler. [UPROXX]

Hello, Heartache: The McRib Is Coming Back – You people are never gonna learn, are you. [Smoking Section]

The Batman’s Jeff Matsuda Stops By Reddit, Makes Batman Sketches By Request – In a “comic book people are awesome”-related story, I just found out that Brian Azzarello and Jill Thompson read Best and Worst Of Raw, so I’m gonna go out and buy like 50 comic books today. [Gamma Squad]

‘Breaking Bad’s’ Blue Meth Survived the Zombie Apocalypse – After finding out that ‘The X-Files’ and ‘The Wire’ happen in the same universe, anything is possible. Not to mention ‘Family Matters’ and ‘Step By Step’. [Warming Glow]

15 Unintentionally Offensive Halloween Costumes – Just to reiterate, it’s not offensive, but if you are planning to go as “dead or zombie version of recently dead celebrity”, don’t, it is not original or funny. [Buzzfeed]

Eddie Murphy on Hosting the Oscars: ‘I’m Going to be Horrendous’ – What, did you finally get around to watching your last 40 movies? [Moviefone]

Five Awful Cover Songs Made Even Worse By Tiny Lyric Changes – I’d sincerely forgotten that Hilary Duff’s cover of “My Generation” existed. Thanks, The Smoking Jacket. Thanks a lot. [The Smoking Jacket]

The 20 Highest Grossing Prequels of All Time and the Box-Office Performance of The Worst Movie Ever – You know you’ve done something right when your movie gets listed alongside The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas. [Pajiba]

10 Awesome Examples of Today’s Video Games into Atari Format – I would play all of these except for maybe Pokémon, because it would make my eyes explode. Atari Zelda looks rad. [Unreality]

[Drunken unicycling via Buzzfeed]

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