Bon Jovi Could Be Atlanta Falcons’ Minority Owner

02.06.11 7 years ago

The Miami Dolphins probably have the record for celebrities who own a stake in an NFL team, but the Atlanta Falcons seem like they’re making a push to try and beat them. Are they…. “halfway there”? STOP BOOING ME!

New Jersey rock star Jon Bon Jovi has been in confidential negotiations with Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank in which Bon Jovi would purchase 15 percent of the NFL franchise for $150 million, according to league sources.

Blank on Sunday morning acknowledged the talks but downplayed them as “discussions that are unlikely” to produce a partnership with Bon Jovi. He would not elaborate, except to add that he did not think it was newsworthy at this stage.

Blank is among a select group of owners who have been seeking more minority partners to gain an infusion of cash that in Blank’s case will also help him realize his plans to build a new outdoor stadium in the Atlanta area.-ESPN.

Bon Jovi used to own the Philadelphia Soul, an Arena Football League team, and they ended up winning a championship in 2008. Then, the AFL suspended operations after the 2008 season, so that doesn’t really mean much now. I’m sure that Bon Jovi’s presence at games could bring more Atlanta fans to games because of their love for his soulful rock music directed at the Tri-State area.

Nothing’s final yet in this report, which is great. I still have a chance to lobby for Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane to be minority owners. Think of the halftime shows! Think of the new meaning to the nickname “Matty Ice”! Gucci and Jeezy can get Matt Ryan his own huge chain that he can wear around very awkwardly.

Wouldn’t you pay to see Michael Turner lifting up his jersey to have a shirt with “1017 Brick Squad” written on it? Do you hate me yet for making all these rap references? Were you expecting a ton of Bon Jovi song puns instead? I’m horrible great like that.

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