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Former IBF and WBC champion Arturo Gatti, 37, was found murdered by strangulation over the weekend in Brazil, where the Italian-born Canadian was vacationing with his family.  His wife, 23-year-old Amanda Carina Barbosa Rodrigues Gatti, has been detained as a suspect after inconsistencies in her story.

Police believe he was drunk and went to sleep, was first struck in the back of his head and then strangled with a purse strap, He may have been dead for 10 hours before authorities were called…

Amanda Gatti denies any connection to the murder and has blamed a third party.  She could not explain why it took 10 hours for authorities to be notified.  Police believe a third party involvement would be almost impossible because they were on the second floor with a key card security system with only one window.  [Examiner]

People who watch boxing say that Gatti was a highly entertaining boxer, winning Fight of the Year honors three times on his way to a 40-9 record during a career that ended in 2007.  Which makes me feel even worse about my reaction.  A friend told me Saturday night that “Arturo Gatti” had been murdered in Brazil in what may have been a mob hit, and I said, “AWESOME!”  I thought Arturo was one of the Gotti brothers.  My bad.

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