Breaking: Conservative Pundit Sucks At Golf

01.12.11 7 years ago 22 Comments

Most people aren’t horribly familiar with Hank Haney’s show on The Golf Channel, where he takes celebrities that sucked at golf and helps them…suck less. “The Haney Project” has seen the like of Ray Romano and Charles Barkley, and up next is radio’s Rush Limbaugh, who might be the only fat, white Repblican that can’t break 80. Anyway, he was interviewed by the guys at my favorite USA Today blog, and he had some thoughts on golf that will probably annoy 40 percent of you.

Golf is an individual game. It’s about self-reliance. There is no team. You can’t depend on a government regulation or a grant or a subsidy to help you. You can’t arbitrarily punish somebody else for doing better than you are doing, like liberals do all the time.

There is no question that liberals would have a tough time with this game and wouldn’t like it because they’d have to rely on themselves. How’s that? I dare you to print that. –Game On!

I’d argue that most people that don’t think golf has any of the qualities of we would consider a “sport” simply haven’t played it. As for Rush, if he keeps his mouth shut about Donovan McNabb, maybe he could manage to stay on the show for an entire season.

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