Canelo Alvarez Destroys Liam Smith With A Body Shot Knockout

Canelo Alvarez returned to the ring for the first time since dropping his WBC middleweight title to Gennady Golovkin (via ducking him), and grabbed the WBC light middleweight title from Liam Smith in a surprisingly good fight. Of course, it ended how many expected, with Canelo’s hand raised and Smith on the mat.

Canelo started quickly, and looked fantastic in the first round. His strikes were crisp and fast. He changed levels at ease, and was picking apart Smith. who looked completely outclassed and outpowered.

Throughout the first minutes of the battle, Canelo’s shots were pushing Smith around the ring. The ripping body shots by Canelo were crushing the ribs and liver of Smith, who was taking them, but wouldn’t for long. As the minutes went on, however, the soon-to-be former champ would lumber forward, and Canelo would be cut at the end of the second round.


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