Carloses Are a Good Baseball Investment

10.16.06 11 years ago

The Mets ensured that the NLCS will end in New York by clubbing the shit out of the ball in Game 4 last night. Carlos Beltran hit two home runs and Carlos Delgado homered and drove in five runs to power the Mets to a 12-5 victory. David Wright — Third Baseman McDreamy — added another home run, but his name isn't Carlos, so fuck him, you know?

Honestly, I'm surprised the Cardinals have managed to win two games in this series without Albert Pujols getting seven RBI in a game. I mean, I know that the Mets entire starting rotation is injured, but I really didn't think starting pitchers would be necessary against a playoff team as bad as the Cardinals. That Tony LaRussa really knows how to do just enough to not get fired.

Yikes. That's the kind of thing you're supposed to say about somebody who works in a cubicle, not a dugout.

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