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A Chinese company called Elasun has rolled out these clever Olympic-inspired ads that combine the little sporty stick figures of the Olympics with condoms and the ill-translated phrase "Sports make you health".  I like them.  They imply that sex is a sport, or that sex is everywhere we look, or maybe that the Olympics are just all about fucking.  I dunno, I didn't really think all that hard about it.

The Sydney Morning Herald Olympics blog has the rest of the ads, plus this nugget of information:

Speaking of prophylactics, Reuters reports that the phrase "avoiding pregnancy" has become a euphemistic way of saying that you're going to avoid the Olympics. In Chinese, "bi-yun", means contraception. "Ao-yun" means the Olympics. So bi-yun in the context of the Games is a sort of double entendre meaning avoiding the Games.

Now if they can just tell me the double entendre for avoiding the clap at the Olympics, I'll be all set.  I'm guessing it has something to do with the Mandarin word for "Vietnamese hooker."

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