Coach a Kid Running Like Randy Moss

Pro Wrestling Editor

Below is a video of Randy Moss talking to incarcerated kids at the West Virginia Industrial Home for Youth. Your first impression of that sentence might be “so what, is this like Michael Vick going into a Petsmart and telling pet owners not to roll their dogs in glass,” but I don’t want to go there. At least, not all the way there. Moss is doing a good thing by talking to these kids, and from the video he appears to have reached the point in his life where he’s going to be a sane, rational grown up. Good for him.

Of course, I’ve never understood the “who better to talk to kids about poor choices than somebody who has made so many of them” talking point, as I would much rather hear about it from someone who figured it out beforehand and didn’t have to beat his girlfriend or sh:t-talk the Marshall plane crash first. But I also don’t think being good at football should excuse you from rolling your pets in glass and setting them on fire, so I might not be on the wavelength of your average at-risk football teen.

In all seriousness, more athletes should participate in programs like these, and fewer in programs where they try to out-dance Kendra Wilkinson.

[H/T Last Angry Fan]

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