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Doin' It Well is a celebration of some of the best comments from the previous week at With Leather.  It is compiled by the editorial staff and runs every Monday.

It was a big week for Ohio here at With Leather, and you added to the fun with your witticisms and quips directed at the 17th state.  First some quick facts about the land that was once referred to as the "Northwest Territory" (boy, those colonists were way off – what a bunch of morons).  The name "Ohio" comes from the Seneca meaning "beautiful river", Columbus is the capital and the largest city, and the state answers to the nickname "The Buckeye State" or "The Birthplace of Aviation".  I remember when Ohioans claimed they were "The Heart of It All" which made me worry that the nation needed a double-bypass.  But, since the Wright brothers hailed from Dayton, Ohio thinks they're the Chuck Yeager of the Union.  North Carolina also claims to be "First in Flight", and I for one think these states should fight it out for the title.  With conventional weapons on neutral ground.  How about in West Virginia?

First, some excellent and classy comments on EX-BUCKEYE CAPTAIN LIKES TEENAGE GIRLS:    

  • twoeightnine: That's the thing about retards, I get older and they never grow tired of hide and peek
  • whowillsexmutombo: Everyone knows when you fuck a 14 year old she has to be an illegal immigrant. And when you fuck a special ed kid she has to be blind. It's what politicians call "minimizing your exposure."
  • lieutenant winslow: i really hope he used the old "you won't get pregnant if you wear my helmet while we do it" line. that line is money in the bank on retarded girls
  • Weed Against Speed: He said he was Jerry Lewis.

And from MMM… OVEN CLEANER, some of you took umbrage with the Chief's disparagement of certain condiments:

  • Blackcapricorn:  Eating mayo is like killing hookers. You don't want to do it, but once you start, you can't stop.
  • WeakSideWing11: I put vinegar in the eyes of the hookers i tie up… the mayo gets rubbed on my nipples!
  • Hugh B. Brown: As a former resident of London, I can attest that malt vinegar is also the sole source of oral hygiene for the vast majority of the population. Regarding vaginal hygience, the condiment of choice is relish.

Who says our comment board isn't a free exchange of enlightened ideas?  Clearly, these examples will silence those critics. -KD

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