01.14.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

Every time I try to point out to insane sports fans that they’re insane, the snappy comeback is always, “Hurrrrr, fan is short for fanatic,” as if fanaticism isn’t something bad. Yeah, I know where the word “fan” came from, asshole. It’s now a different word from fanatic, and it has a different connotation. You can be a loyal, avid fan without making a light show devoted to your team (video above). And spending hours recreating the paint scheme of your team’s end zone in your back yard (video below) isn’t a a feather in your cap for how devoted you are. It’s more like a propeller on your beanie. You look like a jackass, and everyone hates you.

First video from KSK video hound flubby, second video via The 700 Level

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