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This has been around the web for a couple days now, but it’s rather awesome and it has nothing to do with Tiger Woods, so I feel compelled to post it here. It’s a goalie in soccer that wandered down to the other end of the field and headed in a pretty sweet goal. Why was he at the other end of the field? Let’s ask the blockquote:

Standard Liege were on the edge of European elimination in Wednesday’s Champions League game against AZ, but a late goal from goalkeeper Sinan Bolat helped the Belgians to a 1-1 draw, sending them into the Europa League in the process.

“I looked to the bench to get permission to go forward and they all nodded to allow me to leave my goal,” Bolat told Goal.com after the match.

Oh. So there you are. But that doesn’t explain the homoerotic interlude after the goal. Back in the day, those kinds of things weren’t guy. They were just grown men…celebrating their strength. As seen on Hot Clicks.

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