03.09.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

So after the Wizards and Mavericks played at the Verizon Center on Saturday night, Mark Cuban reportedly entertained some ladies at nearby Rocket Bar, just across from the arena. I know the place well–I walked out the door some 45 minutes before Cuban arrived, and had to hear the account from Vince earlier this morning:

[He came in at t]hree thirty in the morning. “Hey, that guy looks kinda like Mark Cuban. …Hold on, gay hair, sad clown eyes, ribbed turtleneck, gold chain… surrounded by a cloud of a group of skanky looking strip club waitresses… no way, that is Mark Cuban.” On my life.[…]I wouldn’t have said anything to him if I hadn’t been wasted probably, but I offered to buy shots and he politely declined.

I would have stuck around if I wasn’t (a) paranoid about missing the train or (b) getting my ass handed to me in table shuffleboard the whole night. And I’m good at shuffleboard. Eh, he probably spent the whole night complaining about YouTube and the officiating of the game, anyway. Below is a thumbnail of Vince’s actual phone pic of Cuban, who’s probably even worse at shuffleboard than I was last night. And I’m not stuck with Dirk No-win-ski. Oooh! Burn, sucka!

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