If You Only Watch One Streetball Video Today, Make It ‘This Is My Court’

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When I eventually pass away in several hundred years at the hands of my Highlander trainee, I hope to have secured a recording of one of several people reading my eulogy. I would be fine with Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones, obviously, because they’re the best in the world at narration, but I would also accept Samuel L. Jackson or Glbert Gottfried if my then-wife and mistress decide to go with a humor-themed funeral. But I’m also going to add Michael K. Williams – AKA Omar from The Wire – to my short list because of this video clip entitled, “This is My Court”.

Described as an “ode to streetball culture”, the video was created by directors Jonathan and Josh Baker – AKA TWiN – and written by Elizabeth Nolan. It celebrates streetball as a poetic art, and with the photography and words used in this video, I’d have a hard time disagreeing. And I really hope they put out the flaming ball before they started playing. I feel like that could cause blisters.

THIS IS MY COURT from a TWiN thing. on Vimeo.

Also, my streetball name would be Vanilla Latte, because I’m thick and farty.

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