10.26.06 11 years ago

So, maybe you heard that it rained in St. Louis last night, giving the lifeless Tigers a temporary reprieve from Game 4.

Rainouts are part of baseball's charm, a testament to the sport's representation of sunny, whimsical American summers. On the other hand, well… it's kind of gay. As much I like baseball as part of the American sports landscape — and as a vehicle to get drunk on $6 beers — the rainout has always pissed me off. Even worse: the rainout as news. Hey, sports journalists: they didn't play the game. There's nothing to report! Give us a two-sentence blurb that tells us when it's been rescheduled, then go home early. It's that easy.

The only time a rainout in St. Louis is interesting is when this happens:

This was on Deadspin earlier this summer, but I think it's topically relevant here. Not that I have to justify anything as awesome as this. Sometimes nature really kicks ass.

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