Joe Rogan Walks Back His Claim That Ronda Rousey Could Beat Male UFC Fighters

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02.14.17 11 Comments

Back when Ronda Rousey was breaking arms and taking names, Joe Rogan was one of her biggest hype masters. It went beyond just the UFC promotional material where he regularly described her as a one of a kind, once in a lifetime type fighter. He also got into lengthy debates on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast where amongst other things he claimed she could probably beat half the men in the UFC’s bantamweight division.

During his latest show with Nick DiPaolo, he walked back that statement … and it all stems from a joke he made in his most recent comedy special Triggered that caused a lot of angry reactions from his audiences. In the special he lambastes White House security for leaving a woman alone to guard the front door, allowing some crazy person to easily shove past her easily and run around the hallways. This obviously isn’t the kind of joke you can make in 2016 without any push back, and ironically people were using his own words on Ronda Rousey to claim some women are perfectly capable of fighting men.

“I’m not happy that Ronda Rousey lost, but in a way it makes things easier because there was a bunch of f**king people going ‘Oh yeah, what about Ronda Rousey?'” he said. “And I made the mistake saying – hyperbole, I’m the master of hyperbole, I exaggerate all the time – I was like, ‘She could probably beat half the men bantamweights in the UFC.’

“That’s definitely not true. I shouldn’t have said it at the time, now it’s definitely not true. She could beat a few that aren’t good outside the sport. Look, if she gets guys on the ground she could f**k a lot of people up. Her Judo is 100% legit, her armbars are amongst the best in the business. But people were always saying that. Thank god now that she’s lost everyone’s relaxed with that.”

If Rogan is glad the feminist fervor against him has died down over his White House joke since Ronda Rousey lost, he better hope those same angry fans don’t listen to the rest of this specific podcast where he gets into all sorts of ‘locker room talk’ with DiPaolo. They go into such high brow questions like ‘Are lesbians better female fighters because they’re more manly?’ and ‘How do we tell the difference between trans-gendered people and sick f**ks trying to ogle women in the bathroom?’

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