08.19.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

You’ve read the headline. Dallas Cowboys rookie kicker David Buehler (left) has a locker next to rookie defensive back DeAngelo Smith (right). So if a white kicker challenges a black DB to a 50-yard sprint, where is your money? Now read the blockquote will I start building that ice rink in Hell that I’ve always wanted:

After practice Tuesday, Buehler outran rookie defensive back DeAngelo Smith in a 50-yard dash by a step. Smith says Buehler beat him “fair and square,” but that there will be a rematch.

Buehler, like Smith a fifth-round pick by the Cowboys in April, isn’t the average kicker. He ran 40 yards in 4.57 seconds at the combine and had 25 repetitions bench-pressing 225 pounds. via.

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips has already vetoed any potential rematch. Whatever, coach. He’s just jealous that other people can actually run more than 50 yards without stopping to eat. So am I, actually.

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