Knicks Fans Tell Bieber What’s Up

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02.03.11 9 Comments

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While the New York Knicks were losing 113-97 to the Dallas Mavericks last night at Madison Square Garden, fans were taking their frustrations out on an unsuspecting pint-sized victim – Justin Bieber. The “Baby Baby Baby” crooner was shown on the jumbotron during the game, wearing large pink sunglasses. And then glory rang free as the crowd unleashed a loud chorus of boos on the teenage idol.

While he was clearly not expecting that welcome from the crowd, he should have been expecting it because: 1) He’s Justin Bieber; B) They’re New York sports fans; III) He was wearing large pink sunglasses; d) He’s Justin-freaking-Bieber. Now I’m sure the MILFs out there are going to say, “Come on, Burnsy, do you seriously condone a crowd of mostly adults picking on a kid?” When that kid has more money than teenage Jesus, then yes, I condone it.

Glorious video of New York redemption after the jump…

And that photo above was from a different Knicks game, so you’re bound to catch some heat when you’re a Canadian wearing an Atlanta Braves hat at a New York Knicks game. And don’t think that we forgot about that World Series BS either, Justin.

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