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Talk about having to play with a handicap. A 75-year-old golfer is now missing his arm below the elbow – you know, the important part of it – after attempting to retrieve a ball out of a pond yesterday at Ocean Creek Golf Course in Fripp Island, South Carolina and getting turned into an afternoon snack for a 10-foot, 400 pound alligator. Yikes.

Lt. Glenn Zanelotti with Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office told CNN the alligator dragged the man into the water before biting his arm off below the elbow.

Other golfers pulled the elderly man out of the water, and he was airlifted to the Medical University of South Carolina for treatment.

Dave Corneliussen with Tracks Wildlife killed the alligator involved in the incident, retrieving the victim’s arm afterwards.

Medics on the scene took the arm, but it’s uncertain if doctors will be able to reattach the appendage. via. via.

Reports indicate that the man will be okay – except the whole missing a substantial portion of his arm, that is. Even though the man (and his arm) was rushed to a hospital, doctors were unable to reattach it.

Video report from Live 5 News in Charleston, South Carolina, after the jump.

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