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That fellow in the middle up there is Matt Cassell (you should recognize him, he almost never wears a football helmet). Cassell famously rode the bench for, like, 8 years behind Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer at USC, and now he's got backup duty behind Dreamboat in New England. He's been holding clipboards for sexy quarterbacks so long he's probably got more image issues than a 130-pound sorority girl in a houseful of size-2s. So I guess it's no surprise that he just had to let it all out:

Tom Brady’s understudy was either drinking to forget the “Sunday Night Football” debacle or he required much liquid courage before climbing up on stage to belt out LL Cool J’s “Doin’ It Again” with teammate Ellis Hobbs. Either way, after visting the bar a few times Matt became a regular karaoke cowboy… which is when the boisterous benchwarmer ran into trouble. “When he was up on stage with Hobbs, a couple of the bodyguards took the opportunity to speak to the ladies tending bar in the VIP area,” said Someone Who Was There. “They told them under no circumstances were they to give Matt any more to drink.”

"Doin' It Again," of course, is a remix of "Doin' It Well," which means that Cassell likely wept at the irony after the song ended.

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