Meet Rasul Chunayev, The Wrestler Who Will Pin You And Dance On Your Grave


And when we say “dance,” we really mean “dance.”

This is Rasul Chunayev, an Azerbaijani wrestler and gold medal winner in Greco-Roman wrestling at the Summer Universiade athletic competition in Kazan, Russia. When you see his victory celebration, you’ll be AZERBAI-EGGING FOR MORE.

Watch in amazement as he manhandles his opponent, Russia’s Islambek Albiev (catchphrase: “I’m bringin’ Islambek!”) and pops up into the most ridiculous, wonderful celebration dance you’ve ever seen. It’s one part Riverdance, one part Flashdance and 100 parts AWESOME ARROGANT AZERBAIJANI MOTHERF**KER.

Check out the clip after the jump.

Somebody reedit this so it ends with a unicorn galloping in and whisking him away to Heaven on a rainbow.

[via AZWrestling1993]

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