Metallica Played ‘Enter Sandman’ For Mariano Rivera And It Was Awesome

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09.23.13 8 Comments

Metallica for Mo

Say what you want about the guys from Metallica – they’re old and balding, they’ve lost their edge, it’s like watching your grandparents mosh, etc. – the fact that they showed up to Yankee Stadium yesterday to play “Enter Sandman” and honor baseball’s great closer Mariano Rivera is pretty awesome. In fact, the hour-long pregame ceremony for Mo was pretty heartwarming and definitely inspired its fair share of goosebumps in this old baseball lover, but the Metallica performance was the Werther’s Original on the cake.

Now if we can just get baseball to implement the live band routine for every team’s closer during playoff games, we might just be able to make it so a World Series game beats an NBA preseason game in ratings.

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