Mexican Clowns Set Nightmare Record

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10.22.10 6 Comments

Mexico City played host to the 15th annual International Clown Convention, at which 700 clowns gathered to attempt to break the world record for scaring the ever-loving piss out of children. When they were done with that, they also went after the world record for longest laugh at 20 minutes, which I assume is held by the first girl I had sex with.

Sadly, the clowns were only able to laugh for 15 minutes, presumably because truckloads of drug cartel soldiers arrived and shot them all to death. But all was not lost, as that 15 minute laugh was good enough to set the national record for longest laugh in Mexico. The previous longest national laugh was set by the audience during the filming of an episode for Pepe y Paco, in which a grown man dressed as an ice cream cone ripped off a woman’s bra and then threw her into a swimming pool filled with mouse traps. Ay dios mio!

Terrifying clown orgy video after the jump.

As for the actual world record holder for longest laugh, accounts vary. The BBC reported last year that an Ethiopian man set the individual record by laughing for two hours, destroying his previous world record of 20 minutes. Meanwhile, has one listing for Abigail Nicole Kline as the record holder at four-and-a-half hours. As for the longest group laugh, stand-up comics performing at a festival in Melbourne set a record for laughing for 53 hours. But none of this matters because Guinness doesn’t have a listed world record for longest laugh, so *fart noise*.

(Video via Fox DC)

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