09.03.08 9 years ago 12 Comments

When small-town papers aren’t busy covering statutory rape trials, they’re making space in the Op-Ed pages for people with small-town voices.  In The Morning Call, Jacob Seibel let everyone in Lehigh Valley know that NASCAR, with its reliance on fossil fuels, is over.

NASCAR racers rip around a merry-go-round track with no destination at 200 plus mph, guzzling gas at about 5 mpg all for what? A cup? [And millions of dollars, plus the glory and pussy that comes with it – Ed.]

Some people may argue that they are making a living. By what? Driving fast? Well, they would do fine as delivery people or something that utilizes their talents without dumping endless amounts of fuel into cars that only go in circles. At least, they would then be providing a service.

The only thing that’s really surprising about this is that I don’t hear it more often, from more prominent voices, and couched in a more sensible argument.

When asked for a rebuttal, a NASCAR fan said, “I’ll kick yer commie ass, faggot!”

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