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The Giants’ and Jets’ new $1.3 billion stadium is in the “sell the naming rights” stage, and Munich-based insurance company Allianz has emerged as an early front-runner for the titular honors.  The only problem?  The company might have, um, you know, kinda maybe played a role in the Holocaust.

Allianz insured facilities and personnel at concentration camps like Auschwitz and Dachau. Kurt Schmitt, its chief executive in the 1930s, served as Hitler’s second economics minister and can be seen in a photograph from a rally wearing an SS-Oberführer’s uniform and delivering the Nazi salute with Hitler standing in front of him.

Like other insurers in Germany at the time, Allianz followed anti-Semitic policies by terminating or refusing to pay off the life insurance policies of Jews, and sent cash that was due beneficiaries and survivors to the Nazis.

It also became the insurer of Jewish valuables taken by the Nazis.

All of which would make it the second-most fascist sports arena in the area.  Sorry, Meadowlands: Yankee Stadium’s already got dibs on the nickname “Reichstadium.”

[Daily Intel]

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