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Sponsorship logos might be coming to NFL practice jerseys as owners consider every avenue to increase revenues in These Trying Economic Times. I don’t see anyone lined up outside for bread. How bad can things be?

In addition to receiving a four-year, $4 billion extension from DirecTV and investigating relaxing rules against liquor and lottery sponsorships, the practice jersey sponsor logos were addressed at the three-day owners’ meetings that concluded Wednesday. Further discussion will be held at the league’s May meetings in Fort Lauderdale.[…]

“We’re talking about something unobtrusive that when the guys are being interviewed, people can can see the sponsor logo on their jerseys. But it’s no bigger or more obtrusive than the patches worn for the Super Bowl logo.

I’m sure that small size will please advertisers looking to shell out more money for their NFL partnerships. Nothing appeases corporations more than people asking for their money. Unless they’re dying of leukemia or breast cancer. For some reason, those jagoffs can’t wait to pull out their checkbooks if someone’s missing a boob.

|USA Today’s The Huddle|

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