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This is why I hate the media, who always seem to be too busy to provide actual insight instead of giving 10-point Times-New-Roman-font blowjobs to the people they cover. They’re like children wandering around in a mall, until one of them suddenly gets hungry and they all start crying. And even that one perverted guy that manages to pull that one kid away for some “candy” never seems to find the one little bastard that actually deserves a little adversity in his life. Which brings me to Brett Favre.

Brett Favre was asked about returning next season, and he said he won’t make that decision until next year. “We’ll take it week to week,” the Jets’ quarterback said Wednesday. “At the end of the season, I’ll take a look at … I’ll assess how I played this year and talk with the Jets and we’ll see from there. I think it’s way premature to even think about next season.”

What’s that, Brett? Way premature is exactly right. You don’t have to whore for attention in New York City; they have buckets of attention there, just waiting to be dumped on some guy from Mississippi that can’t seem to retire fast enough for everybody. They never asked Chad Pennington if he was going to retire. Or Laveranues Coles. Man, I bet that guy’s been to the mall a couple times, if you know what I mean. No? Forget it then.

[NY Daily News]

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