Olivia Munn Looked Fantastic While Pretending To Play Golf For Charity

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09.06.11 10 Comments

Beyond Tecmo Bowl and Baseball Simulator 1000, I’ve never been a big video game guy, so Olivia Munn’s major appeal has mostly been lost on me. However, I do have two working eyes so I’ve been able to understand the basic gist of it. Munn was in Puerto Rico over Labor Day weekend for the 2nd annual Hollywood Domino Celebrity Golf Tournament, which raises money for child burn victims, and she was joined by other celebrities such as Cara McConnell, Grant Show, Daniel Guilles, and Bryan Greenberg, and don’t even bother asking who they are because I don’t have the first clue.

What I do know is that Munn is wildly beloved because, as Parry Gripp wonderfully pointed out, she’s our video game girl. Or she’s just a good-looking half-Chinese girl, which means my grandfather wouldn’t totally hate me if I brought her home. Either way, she posed for golf pictures this weekend and I’m a huge sucker for an attractive girl on a golf course, and even if you’re not, she was also in a bikini on the beach. Either way, happy Tuesday!


Image via OliviaMunn.org.


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