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The Red Sox really have a flair for pageantry.  Not only did they beat the tar out of the snow-rusted Mariners at their home opener, but they rolled out the red carpet for the A-list celebrities as well.  From the star-struck Boston Herald (bold print removed to preserve your eyes):

Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning was sitting pretty in the Reebok luxury suite on the third base line, while his rival, New England QB/QT – and two-time Super Bowl MVP – Tom Brady, took in the Sox-Mariners 14-3 massacre with the big boss, Robert Kraft, in right field… Adding glitz and glam to the chilly festivities, as if the sight of Tom wasn’t enough, were “Big Love” lasses Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin, who both snuggled with their boyfriends outside the Reebok box. In fact, Ginnie, a BU grad, and her Hollywood honey, “American Pie” guy Chris Klein, were quite the diligent Sox fans, marking their score cards during the action.

Yes, nothing says "glitz and glam" like Chloe Sevigny

The hunky Harry Connick, Jr. led the Fenway Faithful in a goosebump-inducing “America the Beautiful” sing-a-long… And then there was the Pride of Lawrence – and snackfood pitchman – Robert Goulet who certainly didn’t mess with the Sox stuff yesterday. He did, however, belt out “The Man from LaMancha” classic, “Impossible Dream” during the pregame tribute to the 1967 Impossible Dream Team… File Under: Fan-tastic!

Shows how much I know.  I thought that seemed like an over-excited recap of D-listers at a baseball game in a snotty New England city, but apparently it's "Fan-tastic!"  So from here on out I don't want anyone questioning the inherent glamor of Boston.  It's practically Cannes during the film festival.  Except with ugly people and shitty weather.

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