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Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt might be short on talent, but he’s even shorter on brains. And pain threshold. Here’s Schmitt, he of the reportedly steel forehead, after being introduced before his first career start yesterday against the Jaguars. And Schmitt marked the occasion by beating himself in the head, with his helmet. And this is the same dude that was praised for being a “workout freak” after bulking up 15 pounds during his tour as an upperclassman at West Virginia. I’m sure he just worked really hard in the weight room and paid strict attention to his diet, just like all those other hard-working fellows.

Oh, by the way, Schmitt did catch one pass for three yards yesterday. And then he probably tried to eat the ball. Still better than the ribs at TGI Fridays. Their ribs are terrible. That video’s after the jump.

Oh, and he punts, too, as he did in this game against Louisville, circa 2007. Stick around until the 0:41 mark for the signature moment.

1st vid.

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