02.11.08 10 years ago 21 Comments

Back in November, I featured a video of hopeless college dorks trying to play quidditch — the hottest sport in all the Harry Potter books — even though nobody has the magic broomsticks or flying balls with sensory powers necessary to play the sport.  Sure it was pitiful and annoying, but pitiful and annoying in a harmless way that's common among college campuses.

But bad news, friends: the muggle quidditch phenomenon has spread to New York City, where you can play every Tuesday and Friday in the Hell's Kitchen.

It is 7-on-7 so get your seekers, bludgers and chasers together. Dressing the part is not required, but as always it adds to the fun.

And get this: it costs $100 to play.  So if you're an awkward dork and have no hope of ever meeting a woman who might have sex with you, you can either run around in a robe with a broom between your legs… or you can go get five lap dances a couple blocks away at the Penthouse Executive Club.  Ooh, where'd I put my Gryffindor scarf?!?

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