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The Suns' Raja Bell is now writing a column/ diary/ blog for ESPN.com, and it is beyond amazing. Every paragraph is gold. An example from his recent trip to Vegas for a preseason game against the Lakers:

I won some money playing craps, which is always nice. What wasn't so nice: Boris, LB, Pat Burke, a couple others and myself were turned away from the club at Caesar's Palace. The culprit: My Chuck Taylor sneaks. Can you believe that? NBA players getting turned away by a bouncer? Vegas doesn't mess around with their attire rules. Whatever. It was a one-day trip, so I brought what I was wearing. And no, I'm not the guy who comes to the Vegas bacherlor party with jeans and sneaks and screws up everyone's plans. I take my bachelor parties very seriously.

On new sponsorship opportunities:

Taco Bell is a sponsor for the Suns, and I guess "Bell and Bell" made sense to someone, because I'm now neck deep in The Bell. This weekend, I went in to meet-and-greet some Bell honchos and to talk about some charitable endeavors. They also gave me a card with my name and photo on it, which basically means I can dine at any Taco Bell whenever and with whoever I want, all courtesy of The Bell. Good stuff, that Bell.

Now that's a sweet deal. I'm a recovering Taco Bell addict, but give me an unlimited meals card and I'd relapse immediately. I love the Double Decker Taco Supreme. And I guess they've got something that's "smunchy" now. I never catch what those commercials are advertising; I just want to lie in bed with that funny girl on a Sunday morning and laugh while we do the crossword.

UPDATE: TrueHoop and I are on the same wavelength here. About Raja Bell, that is. I don't know his feelings on Taco Bell.

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