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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link confederation. It loudly celebrates the gritty play of white football players.

  • Royals’ ace Zack Greinke is wrapping up one of the great seasons ever enjoyed by an AL pitcher.

    Josh Q. Public.

  • I’m glad to see high school hazing evolving enough to include raw meat. Hey, kids at that age need protein.

    Sports Rubbish.

  • Here’s another take on that slow kid that they let run for a touchdown. Sure, handicapped kids can do anything when you just stand around and let them slow down life to a crawl.

    The Gally Blog.

  • My Fantasy NASCAR prowess is almost without peer. Almost.

    Stock Car Spin.

  • The assortment of top ten lists for which you’ve been pining. Bleacher Report.
  • Michael Vick has fans in well-endowed places.

    You Been Blinded.

  • In case you’ve been looking for an update on Anna Kournikova’s breasts.

    Epic Carnival.

  • Kelly Brook just finished up a new ad campaign for Ralph Lauren. And apparently Ralph Lauren is in the florist business now…

    Yes B*tch. [ads borderline NSFW]

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