02.16.07 11 years ago 12 Comments

Yesterday when I joked about the Chicago Tribune's Sam Smith hating blogs, I actually felt kind of bad, because he had tempered his disdain for blogs with some light-heartedness about being a grumpy old man. I wasn't really fair to him. (But that's okay; I'm not really fair to anyone.)

HOWEVA: I happened to get an email from the Chicago fan who had originally posed the question to Smith, and Sam didn't seem to have much interest in having a sense of humor about the whole thing:

From: "Smith, Sam" <[EMAIL REDACTED]>
Subject: RE: Bulls and Blogs

i think they are becoming a major part of media i don't have high regard for. i don't read any as they are basically opinion and uninformed. i know i talk to the NBA people and those people from the blogs don't, so how can they know what is really going on.

Good Lord, what's that stench? It reeks of pregnancy tests and Eli Manning in the pocket around here. Oh, I get it: it's just the smell of fear. Well, don't worry, Sam. The Trib will give you a great pension someday soon. Just go back to work imagining 30-player trades. People love reading "credible" stuff like that.

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