12.22.08 9 years ago 2 Comments

Fans at Qwest Field celebrated the Seahawks’ win over the Jets yesterday by hurling snowballs at the Jets as they headed for the tunnel. Not the classiest move, but there isn’t a fan base on the planet that, presented with snow and the opposing team within throwing distance, won’t throw snowballs.

Anyway, I have to give credit to Shaun Ellis here. He took a chunk of snow the size of a Volkswagon and chucked it directly into the first row of fans. I don’t know whether it was done in good humor or with malice. I’d like to think good humor. It’s pretty hard to have a snowball fight where people get genuinely pissed off. Unless you tackle someone and stuff handfuls of snow down their pants, LARRY! You big jerk! Do you have any idea how many cups of Ovaltine I needed after that?

[Busted Coverage via KSK]

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