04.02.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

SI’s Ross Tucker, in my opinion, is one of SI’s better football writers. He’s played the game, he gives you the big picture, and he never talks about coffee. So it was worth taking pause when Tucker shared his suggestion for what the Detroit Lions should do with their first overall selection in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Here’s some free advice for the Lions: Strongly consider passing on the No. 1 pick. Just let the time run out, Minnesota Vikings-style. Don’t bother skimming the rest of the column looking for an April Fool’s Day reveal. It’s a serious suggestion.

The money paid to the top five rookies has gotten so steep that this approach could be a legitimate option for a team. With the top pick, the Lions are looking at doling out a contract upward of $35 million in guaranteed compensation.

Tucker suggests letting a team or two behind the Lions make their picks before turning in their own draft card. And I gotta say, tactically, it’s not as scatterbrained as it seems. But it sends a horrible message to anyone that was thinking about seeing your team play. Eh, we don’t need any fresh talent. We’re good. The Draft isn’t so much a series of acquisitions in personnel, at least from a fan’s perspective. It’s an acquisition in hope, like when you buy your first date a really expensive dinner, and then you get her back to your place and discover she’s bald and has a prosthetic leg. Yeah, the Draft is exactly like that.

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