10 Sports People Who Sported This Year In Sports The Sportiest Of 2013

By 12.31.13

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For the past several decades, I have put together my list of my favorite sports moments along with some thoughts, and people read them and think, “My, what a pleasant collection of thoughts on moments that we all watched earlier this year and didn’t really need to recap.” But this year I decided to do things a little differently, as I thought we’d look closer at the actual athletes who provided us some of the biggest SPORTS moments and SPORTS photos that we’ve seen this year and, in some cases, in all of our lives and the history of the world, Part I and II.

From that guy who did the things with the ball and the shoes and the SPORTS to that other guy or girl who did the thing and the people were like, “WHOOOOOOOOA!” and made GIFs of it and reblogged it on their Tumblrs, 2013 was arguably the greatest year in the history of SPORTS. Without further ado, here is my list of sports people who did things and took good photos in the name of sports.

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10) Jacoby Jones

10 Jacoby Jones

Slow down, Jacoby Jones, you can’t SPORTS for 30 minutes after you eat!

9) David Beckham

9 David Beckham

WHOOPS! That’s not how you SPORTS, David Beckham!

8) Lance Armstrong

1 14 2012-ONC-Lance Armstrong

“Sorry, Oprah. I didn’t mean to hurt SPORTS.”

7) Jameis Winston

7 Jameis Winston

That’s a cool SPORTS trophy, Jameis Winston. Don’t drop it, though. LOL

6) That officer from that Red Sox game

6 Red Sox cop

“You have the right to remain SPORTS’d!”

5) These Tim Tebow Fans

5 Tebow fans

Girls sure do love the good looking SPORTSer.

4) Ronda Rousey

4 Rousey

Whoa, these girls are awesome at SPORTS, too!

3) Andy Murray

3 Andy Murray

SPOILER ALERT: Andy Murray was the first person to SPORTS in England in a billion years, so he kissed his girl for all the world to see…

2) Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler

2 Bradley Cooper selfie

… Except for these two bad SPORTS fans taking their selfie.

1) Kate Upton for SPORTS

1 Kate Upton


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