10.21.08 9 years ago 11 Comments

Stephon Marbury, the frighteningly imbalanced Knicks point guard who flashes occasional moments of poignancy, watched the third and final debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama with some friends at a homeless shelter.  Homeless friends.  That he met at a pizza parlor.  Of course.

At one point, when the debate turned to the economy, Marbury snorted. “Middle class? We don’t have a middle class anymore.” As the millionaire said those words, the homeless agreed…

[Some] gave him career advice. “Hey, you know, I see you doing good in the sixth-man role,” one resident offered. “It’s just a game,” Marbury answered, pointing at the screen. “There’s more to life.”

This is both impressive and scary.  I’ve frequently walked past that particular shelter on the Bowery, and I’d rather spend another night on the streets of Baghdad than one outside that building.  Those people aren’t the fake-ass “homeless” people who panhandle, they’re legitimately terrifying derelicts, many of whom have ended up homeless because they have such debilitating mental illnesses.

Which probably explains why Starbury felt so comfortable.


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