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Thank God for Gary Sheffield! YouTube was making me go crazy. Seriously. Every third "sports" video on there is of some ugly-ass woman bodybuilder posing. There are millions of 'em. A-Rod must love it. Anyway…

Gary Sheffield asserts black and white players are treated differently under Yankees manager Joe Torre, says Derek Jeter "ain't all the way black," and denies he ever has used steroids because "steroids is something you shoot in your butt," in an upcoming interview with Andrea Kremer. Yeah, he's pretty reserved.

All of Sheff’s quotes are fantastic, but this early exchange between the two had me on the floor:

Kremer asks Sheffield how one man can have so much chaos in his life. "Bad choice of women," he says.

"That's way weak, man," Kremer says. "All the turmoil in your life is because of women?"

"Yeah," he says.

Kremer then asks him whether he takes any responsibility for it. "I picked 'em," he says.

HBO's "Real Sports" debuts at 10 p.m. this Tuesday night. Not that'll I be watching. I just read the whole damn interview here. *Shrugs* They really didn’t think this through, eh. -Skeets & Ladders

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