The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 12/26: Hate Leads To Suffering

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Well hell, let’s get to it. The last Best and Worst of the year starts after the jump.

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Best: Mr. Excitement Is The Best In The World

Five great things about John Laurinaitis in last night’s opening segment:

1. John Laurinaitis doing CM Punk’s entrance perfectly, including shouting “IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!” so somebody who posts on a wrestling message board but doesn’t really pay attention can remember that from comic books and post “lol did he say it’s clobberin’ time? like the thing?” and having people respond with I THINK SO even though it happens on every episode.

2. WWE book-ending their time away from Chicago with the most and least serious uses of “Cult of Personality” ever.

3. Laurinaitis having to adjust his “Best In The World” shirt after miming Punk’s entrance because he’s wearing it over his suit like he’s f**king Goldust trying to sneak up on Booker T at a 7-11.

4. Laurinaitis avoiding all heel posturing and launching directly into his “my name is John Laurinaitis” thing without hesitation, lending credence to his suggestion that he’s making an homage and not trying to be insulting. In fact, this gets a double best because of the time Punk did the very same thing to Jeff Hardy, only Punk’s was laced with vitriol and followed immediately by a speech about how everybody who like Jeff Hardy sucks.

5. …and that’s one of the very best things about Johnny Ace. He is an absolutely revolutionary character for wrestling television in 2011 because he’s a heel clearly doing heel things for heel purposes but not trying to make it obvious. It’s amazing that a little character tuning like that could seem revolutionary, but after a solid 15 years (at least … we could probably push it to 20) of every wrestling bad guy screaming YOU PEOPLE or EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU or IT WAS ME AUSTIN IT WAS ME ALL ALONG it’s nice to have a guy who’s an asshole but doesn’t revel in you knowing it. It’s on the surface enough for a WWE crowd to pick up on it and it’s forthright enough for CM Punk to get pissed about it, but it’s also hidden enough for a guy like me to type “CM Punk is being a jerk, he should respect his boss, John Laurinaitis is doing what he thinks is best for the WWE Universe” and have it be total heel homering but still A COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE STATEMENT. It’s like when the Horsemen nailed limos full of women and bitched out Ricky Morton for only appealing to girls in training bras — they’re being total pieces of shit about it,but they’re right.

I love being able to see Laurinaitis play a character like this, because it justifies years of wondering how a wrestler that bad could have a wrestling job this good.

Best: All Japan Tapes

I’m not jaded enough to hear “All Japan” on WWE television and not mark out a little for it, but if Punk isn’t careful those references are going to backfire on him. Laurinaitis has started to turn some of Punk’s internet faithful into Ace-holes (© TNA Wrestling), and if Punk really wants real talk back for his insults he’s going to run out of room to smirk. Examples include:

My friend Urs:

If Johnny L ever needs a training video for a match with Punk, I hope WWE shells out the dough for some 90s AJPW clips. “Hey Punk, I know you like to namedrop stuff from Japan, here’s a little video package of me pinning a bunch of people you may have heard of.” Do it on the day Misawa died for extra points.

My friend Brian:

“Of the two of us, only one was a playable character in Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. Who was that, again?”

My friend Bill Simmons a different guy who writes for Grantland:

Best, Maybe: Is It Still Beginning

Next week we find out if the cryptic IT BEGINS videos are for the return of Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, sea monster Batista, Kharma, Kevin Thorn, Mordecai, Phantasio, Seven, Festus Kane or any number of other supernatural or Blair Witch-related pro wrestling entities. Wrestling has taught me that the Millennium Countdown sometimes ends with a big JERICHO on the TitanTron, but that the mysterious laughing sometimes ends with Chucky challenging Rick Steiner to see his new movie Bride Of Chucky. It could be good or bad, but at least it will finally be something.

Unless John Laurinaitis decides to hold off on The Beginning so the little kid in the blazer can be “even more angry”.

And yes, typing “kid in the blazer” made me wish it was Owen Hart returning from a worked death, too. That’d be worth it to see Bret do an I’M OLDDDD Jennifer from Back To The Future II paradox faint.

Best AND Worst: What Is This, WCW?

I don’t have a lot to say about Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes, so I’m going to divide it into sub-categories.

Best: Almost all of it. Booker T hasn’t lost a lot and Cody is great, and it made me happy to tune into Raw and see a wrestling match happening without a lot of badgering. They have a very basic personal issue, and sorta-long matches on TV like this are the perfect place to play them out. I liked that it had a clean finish. I liked Jerry Lawler having a stroke mid-sentence trying to explain how wrestling isn’t a team sport, like baseball, where you have nine guys and nickels have bumblebees on them and you say “gimme five bees for a quarter”.

Worst: I’m not 100% on why retired announcer Booker T needed to get a clean win over the Intercontinental Champion (on the same night when a guy who just lost the United States Championship beat the WWE Champion to get a shot at the WWE Championship, blergh), but I guess in the WWE Universe championship belts zap your strength and you’re just stronger without them.

But yeah, a good, long match that ends with an old guy beating a young guy and dancing on his grave reminded me way too much of WCW.

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