06.25.09 8 years ago 15 Comments

With Leather is proud to honor the Worst Brother Ever, who created this videotape of a kid whose mother had literally just cancelled his World of Warcraft account. A couple people sent this to me before I actually opened it. I was all, “Yeah, more like World of Whatever!” And then I actually watched it and found it to be pleasantly disturbing. It’s like a low-budget French version of The Incredible Hulk.

I’m sure this kid didn’t have hundreds of hours logged into that game. No, not at all.

UPDATE: Music Elitist wasn’t the only to call Fakies on this video; Iracane sent me an IM to that effect earlier tonight. And I meant to address the fact that they plant the camera, the kid runs in, “flips out,” and then runs out, not seeing the camera the whole time. I’m with you there. But the remote? If you can explain this kid’s spontaneous attempt to sodomize himself with infra-red technology as anything other than unleashed rage, I’m listening. Otherwise, watch it again, and re-live the magic one more time.

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