The NBA Finals Done With Legos

06.02.11 7 years ago

Earlier this year, the geniuses at Tauntr celebrated March Madness by recreating some of NCAA basketball’s finest moments with Legos. Imagine my sadness when they didn’t celebrate the women’s tournament with an Easy Bake Oven (*jerks off bat with Gloria Allred*). But they’re back to celebrate the NBA Finals this time with an equally awesome Lego tribute, and I don’t know if it’s my childlike fascination with Legos or my nostalgia for a NBA product that was always enjoyable, even when the league’s greatest player had an absurd gambling problem, but I think these videos are the cat’s pajamas.

But their awesome effort doesn’t just end with some Legos and Michael Jordan shaking and baking (and maybe shoving) Byron Russell. Tauntr has a nice collection of original videos over on their site, and I’ve included a pair of my recent favorites after the jump.

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