The Olympic Swimmer Missouri Grand Prix Proposal And Morning Links

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C’mon, dude, there are plenty of other fish in that pool.

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UPROXX 2012 Grammy Awards Open Thread – In case you need to know what everyone’s talking about this morning. Quick recap: Adele won everything, Whitney Houston died, Nicki Minaj blows. [UPROXX]

Whitney Houston Dies At 48 – And if you missed that part, recreate the media’s response to Whitney’s death by playing the first 30 seconds of “I Will Always Love You” on loop. [Smoking Section]

Big BardaGeorge Lucas says Greedo ALWAYS shot first, you were just confused – I don’t want to be too crude on this blog, but George Lucas can eat my entire asshole. [Film Drunk]

A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: February 10th – I’m not in this one, but you should check it out anyway. Big Barda ftmfw. [Gamma Squad]

Let’s Overanalyze These New ‘Game of Thrones’ Photos – Spoiler alert: all major characters die in the first episode of the new season, are replaced by those characters’ cousins. And Ashton Kutcher. [Warming Glow]

Nic Cage Broke His Legendary Time-Traveling Vampire Silence On Letterman – How did it get born? How did it get born HOW DID IT GET BORN? [UPROXX]

20 People Who Think Oprah Is Whitney Houston – Buzzfeed is making a killing off the 20 stupidest people to tweet every day. 20 people who think the moon is made of sandwiches! [Buzzfeed]

Newton Abbey: Newt Gingrich’s ‘Dream Team’ Photo Reminiscent Of ‘Downton Abbey’ – As if Newt could ever be that cool. [HuffPost Comedy]

Ahmed Best talks about a deleted Jar Jar Binks scene that really would have redeemed his character and made a huge difference in The Phantom Menace – Han and Greedo have guns pointed at each other, but instead of one shooting they both shoot Jar Jar. Is that what he’s talking about? [FARK]

Five Things About the Phantom Menace That Didn’t Suck – Lots of Star Wars links today, I guess. Thing 6: Jake Lloyd never acted again. [Unreality]

Norwegian News Mistakes Joke T-Shirt For Actual Eye Chart – Way to go, Norwegia. Some poor guy is walking around with a nickel, trying to buy a mustache ride. [The FW]

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